Manual Homing on Carvey?

Is there a way to manually home the Carvey using Easel?

Yes, you can press the “Home” button under the machine menu, or you can enter the machine inspector (Machine -> Advanced -> Machine Inspector) and type $H into the text box marked “Console”.

Thanks but not quite what I meant. I want to manually set the home location in an arbitrary spot. Say move the bit to a location on the workpiece and treat that as the home location.

Ah, I see. Well I’m sorry to say that there’s no easy way to do this in Easel (currently). Even if you set the zero manually in the machine inspector right before a job (using a gcode command like G10 L20 P0 X5 Y5 Z5) would get overridden after you click “Carve” since the zero gets set immediately after touching off from the button.