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Manual Probing Z Axis Only

I just used manual probe for the first time and realized there’s a huge feature gap.

I did my rough pass with a 1/4" bit and used the auto-probe, then manually set my XY zero.

Then, I did my detail pass with a 60deg bit but instead attempted to manually probe this one because sometimes the tip of the 60deg cuts a hair too far. When doing so, I assumed I was only probing/zeroing my Z axis and decided to probe not exactly at the front left corner of my material AGAIN.

What ended up happening is it unexpectedly set a new XY zero and cut the wrong part of my piece.

There should be an option to only zero “Only Z Axis” OR “XY AND Z Axis”

Um, I haven’t run a carve today so something may have changed that I missed, but in the past, this has been 2 seperate steps in my recollection.

So long as proving is turned on as an option, then whe the user selects to manual the Z then they will set the z manually, then move to the next screen where they are asked to either use the current xy, or to use the prior xy… and it sounds like you’d want to select the"use prior xy" option.

Maybe you could put together a small sample design. And just carve it in air as a test to double check these screens one more time :man_shrugging:

I believe that Seth is correct. You should first have the option to manually set the surface or use the Z probe. After you have done this the next screen asks you to set your X-Y or to use the previous location. If you select not to use the previous location it will select the location that the X-Y is at at the time you hit enter. I made that same mistake myself the other day.
Hope that helps.

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