Manually control x-carve

Hello everyone,
My name is Dylan, I am looking to see if it would be feasible for me to create a device that would allow me to control my xcarve manually. Manually meaning without designing something in easel and sending it off from there.

My goal is to either create some software or hardware, (im pretty okay at arduino and programming), to make some kind of dial or rotary encoder for each axis of rotation. Then basically create movement on my x carve corresponding to the correct dial and axis.

The reason for this idea is that I am a young aspiring 17 year old with very little resources at my availability. My dad has a circular saw and cordless drill and that’s about it. Sometimes all I really need to do is cut some straight lines on a piece of material and call it a day. And rather than going through the hassle of designing everything, I could spit out a part manually faster. This would also allow me to free hand some things if I’d ever feel inclined, or just have some greater control over my machine.

I’ve seen some things here on the forum about a pendant and keymapping and such but that isn’t exactly what I was thinking.

I could definitely create a controller for myself, my issue is how to basically stream gcode to my arduino.
I have another arduino of my own, would it be possible to write my own seperate software and just switch boards when I want, although it would be another hassle lol.

Any constructive thoughts are appreciated, thanks!

There are example python scripts in the grbl source on github.

Thank you, I will take a look.

python scripts here

you’re interested in moving the machine around - so the new 1.1 jogging features are probably something you’d want to look at

kreg make a jig for this task.

Thanks for link to the python scripts!
I was just being vague. In my circumstances a circular saw wouldn’t work.

Our PicSender gcode streamer has a Manual Control Move menu. Just input the axis move values, then Execute.

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Maybe your thinking of a DRO or one of those hand held jogging attachments.
There are some people here on the forums who have made them.

A pendant?

yes a pendant. forgot the name

Yes I looked at those except I didn’t think they would work with grbl and the xcarve

Ive searched the forum but was having a hard time finding anything. I found one except it didn’t really resolve the live gcode streaming part

My understanding is that they WILL work with the X-Carve, but not with grbl, which is why I’ll be getting a Gecko to run my X-Carve and not stock electronics.

Okay that’s interesting, I’ll have to look into that more, thank you

I’m thinking about trying to open a random easel file, press the “carve” button that starts the set-up process and lets me move the machine manually via the computer arrow buttons for x and y and screen button for z. This is usually for setting 0,0,0 but what if the router motor was on and the z was below the surface of the material? The jerky step motion might be a problem but might cut okay.