Manually moved axis - controller broken?

Xcarve 1000 - 2018 version


Im verrry very new to this all so please have a little patience. Also, english is not my native language.

So i moved the router by hand while the controller was on. I want to move it bottom left and when doinh it i was to late to think: oh i shouldnt have done that.

It seems to have sent a signal back into the controller and now when i try and switch the controller on nothing happens. The controller doesnt seem to be getting power anymore. The little green light on the back by the off/on switch doesnt light up. I knew i did something i shouldnt when i pulled it to the left front position. There was a strange sound in the controller when i moved the axis and then everything went dead.

But what happend and how can i fix it :flushed::cry:

I tried reinstalling with easel. I can move left right up and down using the arrows in easel. However. When i want to do a testcarve at the moment i hit “raise the bit” nothing happens. It stays in the same position and nothing moves.

Please help!

I’m not saying i’m 100% sure you fried your controller, but from what you describe it is very possible.

Your controller sends high currents to your motors. But this works both ways. Manually moving the carriage/gantry very fast could generate a high current in your motor which will fry your driver if that current exceeds the driver’s rating.

If this is what happened, there’s no fix. I am not familiar with the Xcontroller, but some controllers have individual swappable tiny driver boards exactly for that reason.

But are you sure you’re not missing anything else? Emergency stop maybe? Faulty wiring?

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This is more likely the cause than your moving the gantry. Check that e-stop wiring especially.

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Well after you asked me if anyone else could be wrong: yes. Dumb me pulled it into a homing switch, and the machine didnt like that.

Sorry for the panick. Lesson learned thanks guys!

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Glad you figured that out. For future hand moving, I’d recommend turning off your idle torque reduction and set $1 to 255.

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haha well still it’s a lesson learned and it cost you nothing. We’re not always that lucky :wink:

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