Map assist needed

Hey peoples… my brain is not working and i need help with this project.

Slight backstory.
I live near the half way point of the C&O canal… and have decided in an attempt to get more physically active, my dog and i are going to walk the whole thing (a few miles at a time). It is 180 miles all together. We will actually be doing 360 miles as we typically walk out a few miles and then have to walk back to the car.


I am trying to get the map to translate to something i can carve and modify. This map shows 10 mile increments on the canal and I want to break it down to every mile. Then I can mark each mile we have done pretty accurately. Here is the map for reference. I know the every mile thing sounds like too much detail, however i can make this thing 3x4’ (or even 3x5’ if i need too).

I have been looking through the terrain topics but didnt seem to get the info i needed for this project. Any of your thoughts would be very helpfull… I am not looking for someone to do it for me just help getting me to where i need to be.

Thanks ahead of time.

Are you just trying to come up with a method for marking the 1-mile increments? How accurate do you need it to be?

What about using a piece of string the length of the 10-mile key at the top of the map that has 10 segments marked on it? Align that string along each 10-mile section of map and mark where the segments are. It might be a bit fiddly doing this on your computer, but taping the string onto your monitor long enough to mark the segments shouldn’t be too sloppy.

There’s probably software that can measure the length of a winding line and do this totally accurately, but the string should work well enough, and there’s very little learning curve involved in getting it going.

I don’t care about getting the mile markers super exact, but that is a good thought on how to go about it and I will give that a go when I get there.