Map on on Inventables showing locations of X-Carves

Just a thought but it would be kinda cool if you could have a page on Inventables, showing the location of all the Shapeoko’s and X-Carves that have been sold. It would be great to know that there are other X-Carve’s in San Diego :wink:

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Check out this thread:

That would also be helpful!

I did add mine to the google maps link that @BillArnold shared.

Although I shared the map I created as a public map, Inventables should probably create and manage such a map. Members could briefly state whether they have an X-Carve or a Shapeoko like I do.

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I’m about to pull the trigger and order the x carve but was wondering if there was someone with one in New Jersey that would be willing to give me the 10 cent tour of theirs. I live in South jersey but would take a drive to see one. Thanks

@RoyTraina, I did some searching and came up a name for you. The guys name is Michael Elices and he lives in Buttler, NJ. Looks like he was suppose to get a 1000x1000 X-carve in June so with any luck, he may have it.

Heres a link to his info:

@JeffTalbot could make this happen I’ll bet :smile:

Do you live in the San Diego area??? I’m interested in the X-Carve and wanted to check one out in person before I purchase,thanks!

I do David. I live in the fashion valley mall area. Message me if your interested and I’ll send you my contact info

:laughing: My dad used to live there. Small world.

As you were…

Hey John, Thanks for contacting and I can be reached at 619-318-4848 or

Wow, hard to believe I am the only one in MA with an x-carve…