Marc's Projects

I’ve decided to start a new thread that focuses on my projects.

Fresh off the X Carve is a sign I’ve made for my wife.


What font is this? Your sign looks great!

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Also interested in the font… :sunglasses:

Its called “Freestyle Script” Its in Aspire, so I imagine it is also in V Carve.

That is a good looking sign

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Then it’s probably one of the fonts in Microsoft Office.

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did you glue up the sign or buy it that way?

In this particular case, I purchased the blank sign from AC Moore for $5.00 aft using a coupon. I could have easily put one just like it together with all the scrap I have laying around.

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Ah. for 5 bucks you cant go wrong though.

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Here is my latest project. It took several tries to get it right. It’s fresh off the X Carve and now has to get sanded and finished.


Very nice! What’s the “DEATH” font?

The font for “DEATH” is called “Viner Hand ITC”

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Here is another of my projects. Done for my better half!


Carving Xmas ornaments to sell at a local craft show. Monogram Snowmen


That’s super cool! I love anything that can pay for the XC… :sunglasses:

Have you thought about nesting those a little closer? There seems to be quite a lot of white space in between the ornaments. Maybe you just need the structure to support the cut outs. What do I know?

From what I see on the forum, you know quite a bit. I left some room for the profile cuts to cut out the Snowmen, plus some extra for a safety margin, in case something went horribly wrong.


The first snowman has been cut out, sanded and is now ready for painting.


OMG! They all escaped!!!

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Yeah you’ve got plenty of room to tighten that up and increase your part yield. Consider flipping every other row so that you can interlock them head to head.