Marc's XCarve

Would it be cheaper to get fasteners to fit in the .25-28 holes?

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It might be.

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bigger holes and then re-tap?

Since cutting threads is just that, cutting, if you re-tap with a different thread pitch you may or may not get it to work. but more than likely not. When holes are re-tapped, some material is rearranged and some id removed. Both result in very weak threads that are probably doomed to stripping out.

Like Mr. Phil says “just go buy the .25-28 screws. There’s only 6 per plank.”

Update: My Z-axis stepper motor arrived today, along with my WEN air filtration system (similar to the Jet air filter but half the price). As for my aluminum plate rookie mistake, after discussion with @PhilJohnson, I have decided to relocate the threaded holes and red rill and recap with the correct size tap this time.

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I didn’t know that. Thanks.

Update: The aluminum base plate is coming along. Most of the holes are drilled and about one third are tapped. Following the dimensions on @PhilJohnson’s diagram, I made myself a couple of spacer blocks for the t-tracks, so I can place them accurately and drill them out. You can see them in the photo below.


I should have thought of it sooner. I could have used it as a template for the WasteBoard hold down screws that I originally screwed up.

Update: The aluminum plate is drilled, tapped and the sharp corners have been rounded. The back side notches have been cut and filed smooth. The MDF WasteBoard panels have been cut to size. Metric low profile screws have been ordered and are expected by Friday. Progress is being made. Perhaps by the end of the day, I might just be able to open the first box from inventables.

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Looking good. I can’t wait to get started on my x-carve. Already ordered parts and a 2 week vacation is coming up :slight_smile:

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That’s what happened to me. I received the Xcarve, aluminum plate, linear Z axis and almost everything else three days before I had to go out of town for a week.

Oh that sucks. But what I meant by vacation is 2 weeks off work and time to tinker around the house. Even the wife won’t be here.


Heaven :blush:

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All the holes in the aluminum plate have been hand tapped, so the tap wouldn’t break. Holes have been drilled in the waste board planks and have been countersunk. I have learned a lot along the way, and someday may replace the aluminum plate and redo it, using the lessons that I have learned.

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Motor upgrades?

I purchased one of those from steppers online for my linear Z axis. $20 plus shipping.

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They have a 3 pack of the same motors that’s a little bit cheaper for when you change the X and Y motors. I’m getting the Z done, make some stuff to sell then upgrade the other using the three pack.

The wasteboard looks good! No need to replace it.

What length .25-20 screw did you use to attach the waste board planks to the aluminum plate? Also, what type of screw head did you use?

Finally opened the XCarve boxes. All laid out and ready to assemble. I’m currently printing out all of the instructions and putting them in a binder.


Nice. I remember I did the same when mine arrived. Have fun and take your time