Marine E.G.A

Just put together my X Carve and my first project i did this…i am floored by what this machine is capable of! i used a 1/16 upcut but and the depth is pretty deep…but in all its awesome!


Welcome to the club.
That looks great.

Very nice and happy carving.

Awesome and welcome


Looks good.

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welcome. good first one.

… why does the Navy let Marines on board?

… Sheep were to obvious.

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Great project. Looks great!


Thanks Zach for explaing the 2 step bit process…i figured it out and my 5 point stars i will use on my flags come out sharp! i use a 1/16 to rough it and a 1/32 to detail…thanks man!!


If you want them truly sharp, a V bit would be best. Any endmill is going to leave a radius in the points.

Robert…will a 60° v-bit cut a 1 inch star sharp by itself or would i have to follow up with a smaller type bit afterwards?

Yes, a true point (no flat) 60° v-bit will cut the points sharp. Depending on size, you may want to look at a two stage carve using an endmill (1/8" maybe) for the roughing cut and the v-bit for the detail cut.