Marine Grade Polymer (King Starboard) as a Wasteboard?

Has anyone ever made there waste board out of something like this?

If so, how’d it go? If not, does anyone see any issues with using this as a waste board?

My machine lives in the garge, and in Florida that means tons of humidity - so, ,of course, my waste board has cupped. Hence the desire to find a new waste board material.

Aluminum, it seems, is out of my budget abilities.

Thanks everyone!

A 39" square is $164 at Tap. McMaster sells a 48" square for $135. Buy from McMaster, cut it with a table saw, and use the remaining for projects. ;). and…save a few $$.

As for a waste board, it should work just fine.

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I used to build boats for the US Navy, and other countries. Holds up well to heat, but we did ribs on 12" centers to help with engine room wireboards sagging. Hated screwing things to it, as the surface pulled up and left ■■■■ if you had to move something.

I’d cut a piece of MDF in half, Put a can and a half of rattle can lacquer on each half, and call it good for $50…


Check ebay, good deals on 3/4 king starboard.

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Starboard at retail price is reasonably close to UHMW, and that would be far stronger, even at .5"

I had considered doing the strips between my T tracks in UHMW, but since 80% of the work I have planned for my machine will be cutting MDF, I didn’t want a substrate that would require different speeds and feeds if it went thru

No I havent. The local Home Depot has tue starboard stuff on sale, so I assumed it would be cheaper - but I’d have to check.

Is this a common technique and does it work?

MDF isn’t the most dimensionally stable stuff once humidity comes into play. It gets thicker, and fuzzier with age. But if you seal it, it holds up a long time.on all my master templates, I give both sides of the MDF 3-4 light coats of clear (but I’ve been using the rustoleum triple-thick glaze lately) and the same for the edges, though they take5-6 to really seal. Some of my masters are 6 years old, and have never been in climate control.

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Minwax wood hardener.


Thank you everyone, for all the input. I’ll explore my options a bit more for now.

I honestly contemplated using PVC sheets, before I saw the cost. :cry:

I ended up shooting MDF with a thin base coat, letting it dry and then a couple layer coats of high build automotive primer. I didn’t, and don’t really plan too, use the mounting holes and clamps. I’m going to be using template tape. I’ve used this consistently with templates for the past couple years.

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Waste board out of a hard substance?
I thought it was supposed to be a medium that allows us to make mistakes…
I like Phil’s wasteboard. I want to do that to my machine once I get some extra $$$ :smiley:

@PhilJohnson what ended up being total cost for your waste board, including any gift cards you used?

I didn’t have any of @PhilJohnson’s gift cards. With shipping it came to $137. And because of a really stupid mistake on my part, I may have to order another one. Arrrrrggghhhhh!

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Do either of you have a parts list handy?

use the search function for the thread on Phils New WasteBoard. There is a diagram that @PhilJohnson made. Most of the parts are on the diagram.

Thanks everyone. Ihve read through Phils waste board topic at least once (maybe twice now) but don’t remember seeing a list of purchased parts.

I’ll look again and if I dont find one I’ll do my best to make one and post it here and on the bottom of the original topic.

Thanks again.

If I do end up making Phils wasteboard I would still have the MDF in a humid space - problem.

Yes. Moisture and MDF do not mix well. Over time the humidity will decompose the MDF. You can try to seal the MDF but moisture will still get in it.

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alum1.MHT (64.6 KB)

Alumn2.MHT (21.3 KB)

Alumn3.MHT (99.0 KB)

I can’t find an aluminum plate that cheap… Anyone have any good sources?