Martian real estate carving

Nasa have a stack of printable/carvable stl files you can download for free. This is a test carve of Gale crater on Mars, with some vertical scaling for dramatic effect. The wood is pine finished with Danish oil, the colour and texture are much nicer in real life and I’m really pleased at how well it turned out.

Maybe one of these days you could buy a hobbit hole in the carter wall with “dramatic views of historic Gale crater…” :grinning:


That is awesome!!

That’s gorgeous. Do you mind sharing your carving workflow? Roughing, ballnose then a final pass with a tiny bit or just roughing then ballnose?


No, but they do have models of the sound stages where they faked the Apollo landings!

I do each stage as a horizontal and vertical pass (i.e. along and across the grain) using a lower roughing clearance each time. The workflow could use a fair bit of optimization.

  1. Roughing with a 8 mm router bit, 50% step over, leaving about 1 mm roughing clearance.

  2. Semi-rough with a 1/8 inch ball nose, 40% step over, reducing the roughing clearance to zero on the second pass.

  3. Finishing with a 1.5 mm ball nose, 30% step over.

It only needed a little touch up in a few places and then 2 applications of Danish oil.

Amazing what you can do with 1960’s technology! :wink: