Masking in Easel

Can anyone give me the steps to Masking a design in Easel?

what do you mean exactly by masking?

Thanks for your reply, I was watching Mo in one of her videos on Easel Pro and she indicated that if you have used masking in easel the technique she was discussing would be easy. That is where I got the term. I hope this helps.

hmm could you post a link to the video that you where watching and I will take a look?

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I think you are talking about applying a paper masking before you carve so that you can paint after but I want to be sure

Here is the link to the YouTube video I was watching. Hopefully this will help.

I think by “Masking” she means raising a portion of the design to the surface and adding a layer behind that gets carved out.

Steps would be:

  1. Create a pocket shape
  2. Click “Edit” send to back
  3. Click the original element and raise the depth to 0

Thank you so much. I will try that on Sunday.

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