Masking tape

Anyone have better idea for spray masking. I can’t get sharp edges no matter what I used.

Once I get some minor issues sorted out with my machine, I plan on a couple of sighns that will have red and black lettering in the recesses.After engraving, I plan on seal coating with shellac. masking of the areas that are a differing color than what I intend to spray, and sanding the shellac off of the unpainted areas.

I once tried this with laquer instead of shellac but the solvent in the paint attacked the laquer and I had a runny mess. Shellac is alcohol based and therefore should not be compatible with the paints solvents.

The vinyl masking you used should do the job; it’s what professional sign makers use. One question - and this might sound off base - are you sure your spindle is spinning the right direction? I ask this because I was getting some rough cuts until I checked through my system and found my spindle was turning the wrong direction. Looking from the top of the spindle, it needs to turn clockwise, which means the bits will be turning counter-clockwise, the correct direction.

I have Dewalt611, turns only clockwise. I think part of the problem is winyl kind of thick. I was watching youtube once, some guy was doing big sign and using very thin greenish color film. I can’t find it.

Here’s the link to the masking vinyl I used.

You can search For Avery sign making vinyl and get other options, but they’re all about the same.

Here’s a link to a video a member of our woodworking forum did on his process: