Maslow-active work area?

I’m not sure what to call it so I named it “active work area”.
I noticed in another thread that people said maslow is no longer a machine choice. When I got into Easel, I clicked on 3rd party machine and it wanted me to download a program (sorry it was late last night and I don’t recall what it was called). When I did this, I had a large choice of 3rd party machines including several maslow choices. I set it up for exactly what I have.

Upon setting it up, the workspace then showed up as 48x96 and everything looked good but there was a strange dithered box in the lower left corner of the workspace (see screenshot). I discovered that I could import a drawing or create a shape anywhere on the workspace but only objects contained within the dithered area are recognized when it comes to simulation. In the screenshot, I purposely put part of the circle outside the dithered area and ran simulation and it only “cut” that area within the dithered area. When I move the circle outside the dithered area I get an error message that there is “no object to carve”.

It seems counter-intuitive that the dithered area is the only area that “works”. What is this and how do I activate the entire 4 x 8 area? Thanks! Jerry

To adjust the machine work area go to Machine>Edit Machine and change the work area in there and click “Save”

Also, It’s purple and only showing that area because Tiling it turned on, once the work area is corrected, you don’t need to adjust the tiling, BUT tiling could be turned off by selecting “material” at the top right corner. BUT the only reason tiling is activated is because the work area is set so small.

So this is how I had it set up when I went to do what you said. Am I looking at the wrong thing?

GENIUS!!! Thank you so much!

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