Maslow CNC Jumpstart Kit by Maker Made

Is there a way to set up my Maslow CNC Jumpstart Kit by Maker Made to be able to carve just like I can with my 3018 prover? I see maslow listed but the settings are not available and it does not find it on the COM port it is connected to.

Does it run grbl?

yes it does

Can you connect via any other sender or through the arduino IDE?
What controller?

currently trying to connect the maslow cnc (not the Maker 2) in easel, I have the Maslow CNC Jumpstart Kit by Maker Made via makerverse

If you pretend it’s your 3018, does it still not connect?
Can you download a different sender (like CNCjs) and try to connect? Or, just get the arduino IDE and see if you can connect.
What PC are you on?

it connects just fine as is. the issues it that when I got to configure the machine under the machine tab it does not let me set it up. I want to be able to send my design/image directly to the maslow to be carved. As it is now, I have to generate the gcode and then use makerverse or ground control to actually carve/cut the designs.

That was confusing.

Is the "setup necessary? You’re grbl settings are stored on the controller, not in Easel. Does the Carve button turn green?

no the carve button does not turn green.

Just confirm and fix the Z steps later. Do you know the grbl settings for the Maslow?

No, I do not know the grbl settings for the Maslow classic jumpstart

also, when you click the confirm settings button it does not connect

Get them from makerverse. Copy and paste all the $$ settings so you don’t lose them.

Do you have other programs open? I thought you said it connected fine.

I will try to find them, once found where do I enter them in easel?
No, there are no other programs open.
It connects to the 3018’s just fine

In the console.

Yes, in the console, under the machine tab, but it won’t connect

Do you have 2 CNC’s connected at same time or 1 and swap over?
2 different ports ?
Do you have another app talking to the Maslow? Only 1 app at a time can access the Com port

I have figured out that they will not work if both are connected. Thank you for your assistance.