Massive problems with the X Carve upgrade, stuttering/ losing a lot of steps

Yesterday I upgraded my 2016 X Carve with the official upgrade set. After installing I made a test cut in 12mm MDF at 140 ipm and 3,5mm per pass, it worked absolutely perfect.
The same design and material I used to carve at 72 ipm with the X Carve before upgrading.
Today the machine is stuttering and losing so many steps, after about 1min its already 1,5cm off in x and 0,5cm in y.
72 ipm is still working, but thats not what I expect from the upgrade. At about 90-100 ipm its starting to going bad.

I tried this so far to find a solution:

  • brand new bit (0,125)

  • changing the RPM

  • dip switches to full power

  • tighten the belt tension

  • tighten the “wheels” on the carriage, I’m not sure what they are called

  • setting up a new machine

One thing to be aware of is that over tightening the belt and vwheels can cause excessive load and result in lost steps, so hopefully the v wheels are just properly tensioned and not overly tight.

What type of bit is that in the photo, it kinda looks like a burr bit and very shallow passes. you might see better results with bit that makes larger chips and using deeper passes at the slower feed rate of like 100ipm.

I upgraded my 2016 X Carve with the official upgrade set
Did you upgrade your XController? I read somewhere the controller needed to be upgraded for the Nema upgrade to work properly

this one?

X-Carve 2015 to 2016 Update Kit | Inventables

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I’m not sure how they are called in english. I use those bits since years without any problems in MDF at 72ipm and 3.5mm depth.
I’m really wondering the very first testcarve, which took about 8-10 minutes, at 144ipm worked absolutely perfect.
I will try to loosen the belts and wheels, but on the standard 2016 X Carve it made things worse

I unistalled the 2016 machine in the settings and set up a new machine where I chose the 2021machine. Is there anything else I could do?

OH NO… doing a new machine setup and choosing 2021 machine WILL change your grbl settings and cause movement to not be calibrated properly!!

I don’t have the super old defaults, but I have a list of the version from just b4 the nov 2021 updates if you need those?

Interesting, I know that as a “Chip Breaker” style bit. not really necessary for MDF since there aren’t really any chips to break since its already sawdust, but that shouldn’t cause the issues you’re having really.

Oh…but that’s what I’ve been told in the manual.
It’s not the very first X Carve, its the 2016 2nd generation.
I’m not sure if I did understand the “calibrated” but the carves dimensions are perfectly on spot.
I would be glad if you could help out with the list!
Sorry, my school english might be a little too rusty to understand some technical terms

which upgrade did you get?

The 9mm belt and Z axis upgrade to 2021 X Carve

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ok, ok then yes, that would be correct. I’m sorry I thought it was a different upgrade with just the steppers from Gen 1 to Gen 2.

The problem was indeed the bit! I changed to a 2 flute bit, now it works without any problems at 130 ipm!
It seems the other type of bit does not work with high feed rates, which is really a pity because I have about 100 pieces lying around :sweat_smile:
Thank you very much!

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