Material and g-code placement

Hi my name is Colin I am Disabled retired and old and very new to this, now I hope that someone can help me here, now in easel iv’e set up my work area and my material imported my g-code but on the image on screen of my work area it shows my material starting at 0 but i need it to start say at 50 also when i bring in my g-code it opens up to a whole page but i need it to stay split so i can see the carving on my material so i can adjust cutting depth and such.
Thanks to whoever helps me.

How are you generating the gcode?
Easel cannot edit imported gcode or show a simulated preview of it.

The gcode preview does not show material. It only shows the extent of your gcode. I’m not sure what you mean by “I need it to start at 50”, but you can set your work zero anywhere you want.