Material for outdoor sign in Arizona sun & heat

I’d like to make a simple two-tone sign for a friends house in Arizona. I’m not sure what I should use that will reasonably stand up to the sun & heat. The sign is basically lettering on a background.

My preference would be two types of wood, but I’m worried they’ll expand / shrink at different rates and something will split. But it doesn’t have to be wood. Maybe a wood background with acrylic or hdpe lettering?

Does anyone have any recommendations? Maybe I’m over thinking this.

Thanks, Ken

Wood will probably weather, no matter what you do to it. As long as it is just a basic sign without mitered trim expansion shouldn’t be a problem.If you want to make it out of wood I would suggest painting it, not staining it.Steve Ramsey has a pretty good video about this: I’ve never had acrylic or hdpe outside, but I’ve seen hdpe warp if it gets hot in one spot while carving.

you can do it out of wood.
Just use the same material I use to protect it.
The sign below was hand carved but its the protection it has as its water proof and virtually indestructible to the elements.
Wood was stained using a regular wood stain.
The text was painted with a UV protective paint.
The clear coating was stuff you can get online. Pour-on. A UV coating that is like glass.