Material for shoe sole

I am interested in etching a rubber type shoe sole.
Has anyone ever x-carved a urethane sheet?

I have one 1/4" thick and think it might be possible to cut a pattern if kept simple.

Just wondering if anyone ever cut material like this with x-carve tools.

Something like this?

Interesting…Looks like he did it quick and dirty.

I want a tread to be made…What kind of image would I need to post?
I have an object file, 3-D.


Or is there a certain type x-carves requires?


It would all depend on the application that you are creating the CAM tool paths with. V-Carve from Vectrics can handle an STL and so can MeshCAM as well as others. There is even a set of tools for Blender called BlenderCAM, but the setup is tricky and buggy.

Other applications will only accept 2D vectors with height definitions… You can vectorize a height map produced by Blender and then import them into Easel as an SVG.

All of this to say that it is very possible to do what you are trying to accomplish with the X-Carve and the right software workflow.

Thank you for the insight. Interesting, Blender can save obj. as stl files.

I suppose I should investigate BlenderCAM since I used Blender to create the shoe thread.
I’ll have to check out those other packages you mentioned, too.

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