Material location

Hey guys I’m new to the x-carve, got it built and it did the initial test piece but I tried my 1st real project and after setting the spindle to the lower left corner and hitting begin, it takes off to random locations, instead of the material to be cut. Any real suggestions? I’m lost here

Need more input on your workflow to guess less :slight_smile:

Can you share your project? (Easel - Share - Public - copy URL and click save, post URL here.)


I found out its not project specific, I’ve tried just a simple circle with tech support on the phone and it didn’t work. the spindle takes off randomly instead of staying within the boundaries of the wood. I did several air test runs where the spindle wasn’t even on or lowered and it just goes to its own destination.

Like @HaldorLonningdal said, if you give more information and more details, it will help solve the problem.

Is it really random? If you repeat the same project, do you get the same results?

…and do the bit return to the starting point? (except Z with is raised to the specified safety height)
Do a 2" jog command result in 2" of actual travel in the direction specified?

Ideally - for us - a video of your work flow and machine behaviour would help tremendously also, posting on youtube is very convenient :slight_smile:

random may not be the best word, I haven’t moved my material so each project is on the same size material and corner is the same. it returns to the corner of the material but depending on the project when I switched it, it went to a different spot. I’m just trying to get 1 project done…ugh.thanks for the reply’s guys.

it does seem to be accurate in its movements, distance wise.

Does it look like it’s moving along the same toolpaths but in a different location?
Are you using Easel?
How did you set your work zero?

it follows the design in easel that its suppose to be cutting, not sure what the work zero is, sorry I’m a newbie

So Easel tells you to move the bit to the front left corner of the workpiece and confirm “home position”. That’s your XY work zero.

okay, yes I did that using the manual controls in the set up and it looks to be on point

And you’re setting that as your “home position”?
Or are you “using last home position”?

ive done both and neither seem to make a difference

@DavidHumber I’m sorry, but you’ll have to be more detailed to get help.
What are you doing? Share project, workpiece dimensions, etc.
What steps are you taking?
What are you expecting to see?
What are you seeing?
What have you tried?

This may help

I don’t know if the video will be viewable for you but here is what its doing, went through the machine set up, getting ready to do the first run. set the spindle to the corner, this video shows the test runs I’ve done in the air. The example project is just simply the easel icon and the name david in a simple font. The .dimensions I entered in easel match what the exact piece of plywood is, 9" x 9" and I’ve tried it in two different locations. each time I have set the new home position as the correct corner.

wrong video, sorry about that let me fix it, that was the very first test where it actually found the wood

error video

Looks like you’re using the same work zero as the first one, but your workpiece has moved.

yeah, I confirmed the new one like you’ve shown, tech support confirmed its not a software issue and its not a usb port issue which she thought possible. after I paused the job and closed out it went back to the correct home position on the material.