Material Recommendations

I have recently got an X-Carve and am hoping to use it to create a drone payload for work. The drones we use are far larger than most drones (over a meter from the centres of the propellers). The payload and drone are going to be used in the field and need to be rigid. The payload will be carrying up to 10kg of weight inside it and ideally can survive a minor crash of the drone. Do you guys have any recommendations for the material I should use for this?

Obviously minimisation of weight is ideal, and the parts don’t need to be too strong. I’m hesitant to select aluminium due to these two considerations.

So far it has been developed purely from 3d printing, however now that we have the X-Carve I am really hoping to step up production quality and material choice for the systems we develop.

Thank you for any advice you can provide.

Coragated plastic is light and strong

This was the best response to a material request I’ve read in a while…

Googled G-10 and wikipedia explained it to me…

Yes I can confirm G-10 is a complete sentence lol.

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Just keep in mind that when machining fiberglass or carbon fiber based products, extra care is needed to ensure proper dust extraction. Inhaling fiberglass isn’t good for your lungs.


(Mine is a link.)

Do you require weather resistance? If not then a weave or net pattern will help greatly in material weight reduction thus more payload.