Material Thickness Change Locks up Easel

I think I found an Easel bug.

When I have a shape that’s a specific depth (say 0.18) and then I change the material thickness to that same depth (say from 0.50 to 0.18) I get a dialog box that my shape will now be a cutout (which is what I want). I say OK to the dialog and then Easel locks up.

My expectation was that Easel would update the material thickness to 0.18 and the shape that was already set at 0.18 would now be asking me how many tabs I want since it converted to a cutout.

Is anyone seeing this same condition?

My work around has been to set the shape depth to something shallower (say 0.10) and then change the material depth to 0.18. Then I go back to the shape and change it to 0.18.