Material Thickness for carvey

What is the thickest material that carved can cut through?

barely 1.5"

with a 1,5" thick material and a bit that can cut 1.5" cut depth, you barely clear the button on the smart clamp.

That’s somewhat off putting. I thought it was meant to be able to get closer to the 7" mark?

Work Area
Width (X-axis): 11.6 inches (29 cm)
Depth (Y-axis): 8 inches (20 cm)
Height (Z-axis): 2.75 inches (7 cm)

So it should be possible to cut more than 1.5inch. but I see it can be a challange. only one of my bits are long enough to cut 4.5cm thick material I was going to test. and the smart clamp doesn’t have long enough screws. and the clearing height of the z-axe must be risen. will investigate further…