Materials question: corian with mdf backing

I’ve ordered my xc and am anxiously waiting shipment - in the meantime I’m thinking about materials to cut/carve. I’ve got a local guy that has some large panels of corian that have an mdf backing. Wondering if that’s something that I can adapt to use on the xc? He also has some corian counters that I’m looking at getting just for the material! Thanks for any input / advice.

Corian should mill beautifully. I think some people on the boards have used it for lithoplain projects because of its translucency.
Lithophane Carving

I have been keeping an eye out for a good source so I can give it a try myself.

I’ve seen the lithophanes and they are amazing, definitely in my list of things to try. My big concern is the MDF backing on the corian - any thoughts on whether it’s a viable material?

I’ve cut Corian with a 60* V. Cuts like butter and very clean. Only concern is if you’ll have enough to send some my way? I used it for designs on cookie stamps for Christmas.