Max milling bit shank size

Was wondering what the max shank size for the include spindle for the x-carve?

It uses an ER-11 collet. The largest collet nut we sell is 1/4" but I’ve seen 1/2" milling bits that have a 1/4" shank.

Edit: it comes with the 1/8" collet nut


The Quiet Cut Spindle we sell comes with a 1/8" collet and collet nut.

So in order to use standard qtr inch buts I would need to go to the Palm router correct?

Oh wait didn’t read the previous post. So I can change the stock collet in the spindle to qtr inch? Any down side to doing this or should I just upgrade to the Palm router?

The ER collet system is designed so you can swap out the one piece without losing accuracy. If you’re only planning on using bits with a 1/4" shank, then you can buy one for cheap on eBay - shouldn’t be more than about $5. Or you can buy an inexpensive collet set that will cover all sizes 1/16 to 1/4 and it will open you up to a lot of different sized endmills. In either case, changing from one size to another is a 30 second job so you’re not locked in to just one.

Ok thanks joe. I was more concerned about the potiental strain on the spindle when moving to a different shank size.

I’m bringing this thread back to ask if anyone is using 1/4" bits with the stock spindle. I have a Dewalt 611 that I will probably upgrade too at some point, but I haven’t gotten many bits yet. So I was just thinking if the stock spindle had enough power to effectively spin 1/4" shanked bits I might just invest in that one size. I’m thinking specifically of V bits and possibly other more specialty bits beside just spiral cut bits.

Thanks people.

Well, I recently received a 1/4" collet and a 1/4" end mill, but, have not had a chance to mount it up and cut anything. Soon…

@StevenSchmelling I have been using a 1/4" spiral bit with the stock 24v spindle and its been working well, its probably going to cut slower than the dewalt but still i have been happy with it so far.

I got a bit V Bit this week so will give that a try on the weekend and see how it goes with the 24v spindle.

The biggest shank that fits the ER-11 is 1/4".

I’ve seen a 1/2" bit that had a 1/4" shank.

Thanks Tony and Warren. My guess is the V bit will be fine, since I believe it will actually have less load on it then the 1/4" spirals, but I’m green enough that I don’t know that for sure. And that is why I asked the question. Good luck guys, and I’d be curious about your experiences.

Warren, I apologize if I missed the info in another thread but what are you using for “feeds and speeds” with that 1/4" spiral bit on the stock spindle?

Hi @StevenSchmelling i start with the speeds in easel and then make it a little deeper and a little faster if using the 1/4" bit.

For the 1/8" bits i generally leave it at the speeds in easel or sometime just change the depth, i broke a couple of bits when trying to push it too fast.