Maximize space and minimize cuts

Is there a way, even with Apps, to take all the objects on a project and arrange them to minimize waste? Additionally, can objects that share similar paths be cut only once? – so if I had two "I"s next too each other, when the x-carve cuts the path of the first “I”, it’ll know that it’s cutting a portion of the second “I” and not cut in that area.

What you are describing is an operation called “Nesting”. I know that it can be done with 3rd party software such as the Vectric products (V-Carve, Aspire, etc…), but (unless it’s a new or hidden function) you have to do your nesting manually with Easel …

If you’re using plywood, there is a script in Fusion 360 that does this. Here is a video on it:

Thanks! I wasn’t sure what it was called. But at least knowing that, I can research more.

If any of the Easel/Inventables devs are browsing, I’d like to +1 a feature request for nesting.

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I have used the online “SVGNest”, it takes a while bit seem to do a reasonable job.

One thing I have noticed with Easel is that if the outside cuts of each object in the nest overlap then it stuffs up the cutting order of internal cuts.