Maximum SVG Size?

I’m trying to import a large(huge?) SVG file into Easel for an engraving text - it contains about 7900 characters.

Easel imports the file, and I see a preview, but then it crashes almost immediately - I get “there was an error displaying this webpage” - is there a maximum file size?

A better way to process this?

I usually use Fusion360 - but for all this text it’s not the best, any suggestions would be welcome.



split it up into 5 parts for example, just make sure you keep the relative zero.

or try something other than easel. maybe something not web-based

Actually, last night I managed to get it to load in easel by switching browsers - I was using Chrome on my macbook pro. When I switched to safari it loaded and calculated tool paths.

I haven’t actually tried to carve it yet - that’ll probably have to wait until the weekend now. More to follow…