MDF is so much fun to carve!


I hope there is a planned design under there???

No design but I installed a low profile vise and made it a very very very low profile vise.

I needed the clearance to be able to carve these blocks.

MDF dust sucks. I was hogging out some white oak and this is what I ended up with

This was with a SuckIt attached. During the carve probably about 60% of the chips got sucked up. After cleanup it was a pretty full 5 gal bucket on my dust deputy.

This was 1/2” bit at 0.15” DOC and like 11k rpm. The 2 1/2” reducer on the SuckIt was just no match for the sheer amount of material being removed.

What router are you running there?

Not going to hijack so anything further, check this post:

No problem Justin. If anything I’d like to see some other people’s warzone pictures :wink:

That was the worst I’ve ever had. The SuckIt does an AMAZING job on most of my carves. And the crazy thing, most of it was actually sucked up by the dust boot! I could only imagine what it’d be like if I didn’t have one at all!

I don’t use chipclearing because I like to see what the cutter is doing. but I have an enclosure that makes things manageable.

Someone needs a dust collector for their birthday.

At the risk of going all “nanny state” on you, just keep in mind that mdf dust is really not good for you.
Sawdust isn’t great, but mdf has all the binders and glue mixed into it. Good idea to try and avoid it if you can…

Love the low vise by the way!

no problem. I do have an enclosure. But yeah a dust collector is something I may need to think about

Dang it, and I actually cleaned up the X-Carve this weekend after some small projects.

be very careful using mdf and don’t laser it as well as the dust is not great but the glue that binds the particles is carcinogenic

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There’s a guy on Instagram that’s giving away 10 Dustoppers. #johnbuildsit. Maybe you’d get lucky and have something to collect all that dust with. Good luck! Crazy good pic BTW.

The guy actually got in touch with me. We’ll see maybe I’ll receive one to review.