MDF shop sign in progress

Progress shot of a custom sign made from MDF and designed in easel.


Looks great,how was it done

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That’s pretty slick! Looks like the machine is set up very nicely.

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This was made in Easel. I used the offset app in Easel to create the border for the logo and then joined it to the circle. The rest are just a bunch of circles cut and stacked.

I have a few issues still but not bad for a completely stock machine. Thank you!


Nice work! Post a pic once you get it hung up in your shop!

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Thanks Phil!

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Thank you Chris! I will get pics from the owner when he hangs it. Its for a good friend of mine who is a knife maker.

That looks fantastic!!

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Thanks Phillip!

Can you ship in Canada?

That would probably be very cost prohibitive. Do you not have an X Carve?

THAT is a fantastic sign.

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Thank you Jan!

Nicely done!!

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Thank you Antonio!

Some accents added.


I love that sign

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Thank you Patrick!