MDF shop sign in progress

very nice work!

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Wow!! That is a nice piece of work. The finished product is an amazing combo of the MDF, paint job, and LED.

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Yea that looks great. Well done.

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That looks awesome nice work

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So I fashioned up some little legs so it could be displayed on a table.


Thank you all! appreciate everyones kind words.

Saw the finished product on FB yesterday. Nicely done.

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Thanks Robert!

With the LEDs on! Sitting in his shop.


What paint did you use for the red?

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I just used Red Spray Paint from Home Depot.

I have done a few pieces with MDF and just stopped using it for carving and solely use it for laser. The reason is because I can never get it to take paint, it seems as if the MDF wants to absorb it leaving bare spots or making it look like the coats are uneven. I have even tried to use a poly base coat that the paint can adhere to. Did you experience that as well? How did you get the paint to come out so well? It looks great!

Hey Troy,

I used a primer first and gave it several coats. I believe it was Kilz. They key to something like this is generally several thin layers and light sanding in between. I also used drywall joint compound on the edges. I used this very thinly and let it dry, sand and then reapply several times. I didnt get in a hurry but it came out great.

Hope that helps.

Step 1 - Offset letters or shapes

Step 2 - Set cut to fill on all letters

Step 3 - Set cut to 0 depth on all letters

Step 4 - Select inner circle set cut to fill

Step 5 - Select inner circle and all letters

Step 6 - Combine all the selected text and circle

Step 7 - Set the cut of the new shape created to outline. Allows you to select how much offset you want for your letters and reduces cutting time significantly.

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See above for steps. Hope it is helpful.