MDF wood painting

Dear All,

I made base wood piece from MDF and I would like to paint it. I tried to use the wood oil provided by inventables but it wasn’t good I think I can be nice with plywood or beech. Can any one advice for that ?

the best results i have had painting mdf, is to seal the edges with something first. I usually use acrylic paste. After this, I prime, then paint.

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I seal the edges with drywall ‘Joint Compound’ (not Spackle… that’s something different). I let that dry then sand down. I then use an oil based primer… after that you can use any type of paint you want.

I’ve read about people using Elmer’s White Glue on the edges (basic white PVA glue) with good results.

The key is to not use a water based paint unless you’ve sealed the wood… otherwise your going to ‘raise the grain’ and no amount of sanding will fix it.

I use Rust Oleum 280704 American Accents Ultra Cover 2X Spray Paint, Gray Primer Goes on thick, seals fast, can be sanded, repainted sanded and can turn your mdf into glass. Prior to that (and I know this sounds strange), I used chalkboard paint. Also very thick, great coverage, sands well and forms a very nice primer base of jet black so other colors really pop.

As stated above, there are lots of ways to seal the edges that soak up a lot of paint if not sealed. Glue mixed with water works well. I usually use Kilz primer/blocker. I find that works pretty good and is easy to use as any other paint. Dries quickly too.

I seal MDF with this before I paint:

I’ve had good luck with the joint compound. Cheap too

I have used Zinser Sealcoat (dewaxed shellac) in past years to seal MDF and it works great. A few light coats on the edges and some on the surfaces seals it nicely. In recent years, I’ve leaned toward waterborne products like Target Finishing sealers and top coats.

I also use Zinsers seal coat. Allow each coat to thoroughly dry before adding another.