Measure once, cut twice?

After a few days of readjusting and head scratching, today I tried again cutting my push stick pattern and happy to say it turned out pretty good.
BUT, I saw that it was almost finished and Easel said it was at 49% complete, and in fact after doing the last round, it started again at the surface height. I just cancelled, and wondered if I had added a finishing pass by mistake, but as far as I can tell I didn’t do that.
Can somebody have a look at the easel project and see what I’ve done wrong, please. (It’s the link above).
It was originally a pdf file I opened in Inkscape, deleted all the measurement lines, and after various tries saving as a .dfx got it to import into Easel.


You appear to have 2 outlines stacked one upon the other.

If you select one and remove it, you’ll see the other still remains.


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Thank you. Not sure how I managed that, but I’ll be more careful in future.