Measure Z Axis Belt Tension

Having trouble getting the correct tension on the closed loop belt for my z axis. My first belt lasted about a month with only a few carves on the weekends. The second belt lasted a few hours (one afternoon). How do you accurately measure the tension for the closed loop belt on the z axis? Obviously, I had it too tight but I have no idea how to accurately measure the tension.
Sorry if this has been addressed already elsewhere. I searched the forum and could not find a solution.

Sounds like it might have been misaligned?

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Forgive my newbie ignorance, but I am not sure I understand. How would it be misaligned?

On the new Xcarves, it’s harder to do but on the old ones, both Z axis pulleys had to be aligned and ensured they were not causing rubbing.

You’re still technically setting the height on the ACME rod but that should be ok.

Check your motor mount plate for any curvature and make sure it’s on the right way.

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Thank you for the info. I will work on it this week and see if it helps.

Check pulley parallel. and you dont need too much tension. I used to just stick an allen wrench behind the motor and then tighten it.