Measuring Special Shapes

I’ve got a project where I need to carve out an insert for a specially shaped pin and need some help figuring out how to take the measurements to make the shape in Easel.

If you have the pin in hand, place it over some white paper, take a photo and use that for an image trace, measure the pin top to bottom and then resize the design to be that size… as long as the aspect ratio is locked it should be correct… carve a pocket into some scrap wood to test (,mdf if best) to verify the size is correct.


If you have one of those printer-scanner-copier type printers, place the pin face down on the scan bed and scan the image. They do a good job of maintaining dimensions.


I would start with overlaying a circle over it, to get the size to realty.
something like this? the circle is 2.2" base off your JPG.


To add to what @SethCNC stated…

Another thing to do is to add a ruler in the image and resize the image with the aspect ratio locked until the ruler is at the correct size based on…you know…it being an actual ruler.


Brandon Parker

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