Measuring tool please

First off ive seen this has been discussed previously but I want to bring it back up on topic. Measuring tool! Other than calculating X and Y distances or guessing with the approximate 1 inch grid system is there a measuring tool now I and where is that located? Tech-support was working on something. I apologize if I have overlooked this function but I don’t see where it’s at.

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Yes ive read all the past threads on this but they’re still not a measuring tool. Something to be able to measure the distance of a center hole to the center of another hole diagonally would be awesome. A 1/8th” or mm grid would be very helpful too.

In the shape function box is there way select the center of a hole or object and then set the distance?

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Without an official measuring tool in Easel, I get around it by creating a box shape the exact size I want to measure other pieces against. Another crude way is selecting the corners between pieces, note the location, then select the other piece and note the corners of that one. Then, rely on that elementary education of add/subtract to get the distance. Crude, but it gets the job done for me until/if Easel gets such a feature.
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I agree, a measuring tool that can be invoked, the user choosing to define the type of measurement to be displayed (center, inside, outside…or whatever measurements can be performed), select the first object (gets highlighted in red), and then the second object (gets highlighted in blue). The tool would then do its thing and report back the dimensions requested along with drawing the indicated measurement marks.

Maybe something like is shown below…

EASEL Measuring Tool


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Thank you for the help and actually it is going to be helpful. Takes a little extra figuring but definitely doable. Inventables if your out there reading this please consider adding this measuring ruler

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Would love to see this also. Not urgent as I also do the box like a line to measure but would be great to just click two points to get a measurement. Thanks.

i would agree that a measurement tool sure would be nice.

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