Measuring Tools

What precision measuring tools like ( tape measures – squares – steel rulers - calipers ) or anything else do ya’ll use in your shops.

Any suggestions with links would be appreciated.

I try to do it all by electronics anymore. I have calipers for the small stuff but have added a wixey to my table saw, planer and drum sander. I use a tape measure for rough cuts and go from there. I have steel rules pretty much to make straight lines and i think everyone has a good square.

Thanks Wayne, I just started making picture frames on my Delta table saw and sometimes getting the fence lined up right is a challenge. I have a Victor Easy Read Ruler and use that along with a framing square to line up the blade on occasion. My tape measure is a Pittsburgh from Harbor Freight.

I was just wondering what other folks are using.


If you get a wixey for your table saw you will never use a tape measure again except for long work. You can set it exactly where you want it time after time.

I have the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge for the blade, are you talking about something else?

Yes they make one to go on the fence. It will tell you right done to hundreths of where the fence is to the blade when you get it setup.

Nice do you have a link or part number?

No but i got mine from Rocklers.

Try this.

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Thanks appreciate it

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Let’s not forget that u can also cut out a giant carpenter’s square using your cnc


For the CNC router I’ve never really needed more than a tape measure, square, and caliper. Caliper is really only necessary to check accuracy if you are trying to machine precision components.

I have an extensive amount of measuring tools for my lathe and mill work. None other than the calipers has been useful for the CNC. Once you get the router and material set up, the CNC should really be taking care of any needed accuracy.