Melb, Aus big X Carve owners- Who wants to do a quick job? $100AUD

Hi everybody!

I need something very simple made out of 12mm MDF- a mortise and tenon template set. Not sure how to attach pics here, but I can email you a plan drawing.

It is one rectangle with a centreline cut into it, and a 4cm x 25cm rectangle cut out of it (the mortise). And another rectangle with a centre line cut into it, with two 5.5 cm rectangles cut out of it on one end to form a tenon.

These two pieces should then fit together (press fit- not too tight, but tight enough for you to be able to lift both pieces while only holding one of them), and the centre line should be consistently straight across the length of both of them.

I need it this week, and am paying $100AUD either cash or via PayPal.

Any takers? I’m in Prahran 3181.

Cheers! - J.

Ah, there it is!

I would but I’m a bit too far south :grin:

I’ve take the liberty of posting a link to this thread on the forum (they sell the XYZ-Carve in Oz). Hope that’s OK.

Ah thanks Geoff, I really appreciate that… I’m very much out of my depth in this world!


ill try and run one off tomorrow , im 7 hrs north just over the border , south coast NSW
if someone from Melb or Vic gets you sorted no problem,