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It would sure help if the forum admin could turn on the location feature so that folks that have put there location in there profile and are OK with other forum members seeing there location in there posts.
This would help when giving help or finding out if there are other folks in your area for setting up a local users group.



Excellent idea, I’m sure I’m not the only person in my area who has purchased an X-Carve

The way this has been handled on a woodworking forum in which I participate is via Google Maps. I set up a starter page for Inventables just now. Anyone with the link below should be able to add their location and any other information they care to share.

Map Link


What is the correct way to add a pin there?

Zoom into your location. Click on the balloon near the center and top of the page. Then move your cursor to your location. When n you anchor your balloon, you can edit the fields.

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I click on your link, zoom in to my location, I see no balloon any where on the page. I can see your pin and one for test in the UK but I see no way to add my location.


Now it works! :wink:

added my location or rather a general area :wink:

Added my location - It will be interesting to see if this takes off.


Interesting. I added myself before, but, it’s not there now.

@BillArnold, how did you set this up? I’d like to do the same for another group.

I joined the party, so far the furthest north in the continental U.S.!

I’m not too far off Antonio!

In the original Locations thread, I think there was someone up in Lancaster, PA which isn’t all that far either.

Go to Google Maps, choose “My Maps”, then “Create New Map”. You can edit the title and description.

Although I shared the map I created as a public map, Inventables should probably create and manage such a map. Members could briefly state whether they have an X-Carve or a Shapeoko like I do.


This was a great idea. I was just talking to my wife this morning about this very same thing. I just joined and it looks like there is someone just a skip away.

How can I get to the map without clicking on your link?

You can go to the link, then add it to your “Favorites”.

If Inventables wants to make it part of their site, they could put a link on their web page.

I joined the party and added myself on the map. Thanks for setting this up, @BillArnold

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Also added myself in, first one on the map in Australia (though Im still waiting on the machine to ship).

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you are on the ship list, that counts!

welcome to the clan!