Memorial Photo

I have been asked to make cremation urn boxes for my father in-law and his brother who both just passed. The box is no problem. But I would like to use my XCarve to put their photo on the box itself. Is it as simple as importing a photo?
Any help would be appreciated

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“…use my XCarve to put their photo on the box…” hmmmm…I’d suggest some spray glue on the back of the photo and paste it on the box. XCarve is for carving materials.

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There is a program for engraving photos with the cnc but i can not remember the name of it. It uses a dot peck type of thing so you can use it. Maybe someone will come along with the name.

you can look into photo v-carve. Some folks also add jtech lasers to their X-carves and these can be used to laser a photo onto wood.

@Traxxtar That is what I want to do, carve the image

Check this out

Thanks, so it creates a Gcode .NC file and Easel won’t import that. How do you get around that?

Easel doesn’t import it? It should.

There’s probably something in the gcode that Easel doesn’t like…gimme a minute.

So it has the preview bar at the bottom, you drop that down to save a SVG. it is giving me fits

This is what it says when i try to import the gcode

Invalid G-code

Line 3: N1 G00 G20 The file contains invalid G-code syntax.

You must use one of our official post-processors in order to import external gcode.

Easel - (631.8 KB)

Well, I walked to my computer and was immediately called away for an “emergency” that is involving giving two of the three kids unscheduled baths.

Guess is the issue is the line numbers, N###. If you know how to use a decent text editor with reg expression, you could remove those quickly.

I’ll come back to this later

Edit: Try doing a find and replace (in something like Notepad++)
Make sure Regular Expressions are enabled.

Replace with:

Sorry Neil I have no idea what you are talking about. I can spell gcode and thats it.
I opened it in notepad I did not see
"Find:^[N][0-9]{1,6} " do those symbols mean something esle?
Replace with:
Do I need to use a post processor? If so which one?

You just need to get rid of the line numbers to use the file in Easel.
Notepad++ (not Notepad) had the ability to do better find and replace than regular Notepad.
Post here or PM me the gcode. I’ll help you out.

For those interested, that line is a regular expression that will find all instances of the letter N followed by up to 6 digits. I would just replace all of those (line numbers) with nothing.

Alternatively, you can install rastercarve and run it with a no-line-numbers parameter, but this involves knowledge of the command line and installed prerequisites.
You could also drop Easel and use a sender that can handle line numbers.

i attached it earlier but i think this is what you want? (631.8 KB)

Sorry…missed that you had uploaded it earlier.
Try this. (545.3 KB)

Make sure you set zero in the BACK left.

Thanks. i’ve shared this. i guess i don’t know what I’m doing. its the second workspace

I’m having a hard time envisioning what you are trying to accomplish. Please share photos when you’re done. As mentioned above, this is really a job for a laser.

i would like to v carve this photo

Just set your zero in the back left corner of your stock instead of front left as you normally do in Easel. Use whatever angle bit you specified, and let it go.
The easel preview won’t show it, but it’ll turn out like it did in the preview if you set everything up correctly.

Thanks, that must have been what was throwing me off, was the preview.
So the back left corner? Why is that? I guess because where it is positioned in Easel?
And we are talking about the 2nd workpiece that I used your gcode in right?

Rastercarve just sets zero back left.
The second workpiece, yes.
If you preview you it in ncviewer, you’ll be able to make out the image.