Memorial plaque

Looks good Phil, what is your speeds and feeds and bit for this project, also what font? I’m trying to do a nursing graduation gift for a friend in Vcarve Pro and the small letters like “e” seem to tear off the wood. Any help would be appreciated.

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Just ran a few test cuts with F-Engrave and seems pretty simple. My question is - do you align your bit to lower left and how do you get your clean up passes to align up perfectly as they are different G-code files, I think. One last question - could you post a link to your bits, I think my problem is dull V-bits at this point.

I saw the drop down to move your origin,but seems to me and I’m heading to the garage now - that after the carve the spindle just raise’s and does not return to zero. Maybe a setup I’m missing. Thanks for the link for the bits. Love Amazon.

Just ran a file and pretty impressive, and I own VCarve Pro. I have a 22 degree bit and used that and ran a v-clean up and it was quite interesting how it worked. 1/8" max depth is a bit deep I think and I have yet to do some text carving. It was an image that I just did. Definitely worth fooling around with.

Very nice Phil .I’m sure they will cherish it.

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