Meshcam - issue with 2 sided milling?

So ive noticed something that i cant for the life of me figure out - i dont know if the problem is easel, meshcam, or me.

What im doing is simple, - im putting an object in meshcam, centering it in a piece of wood - then im asking meshcam to make a 2 sided cut. Pretty simple - if not for the fact that those halves end up being 2mm askew. EVERY time.

First i thought it was me, and the wood i was using was somehow not straight - so when i turned it, it would lean differently.

I then went to a store, and had them cut the wood for me at perfect angles - same result.

I then figured that meshcam did something wrong, so the object i was 2 siding, is actually the same on both sides; So i just ran one side twice, since its supposed to be centered, it should come out ok ; nope - still 2mm or so off.

I cant figure this out. Anyone have any ideas ?

I’m having a similar issue, using easel though. I have my stock screwed to the wasteboard using the wasteboard screw holes. Similar to the dowel pin method but I use screws. When I flip the stock over my home position should be the same as long as I mount to the same holes on the stock and wasteboard. Am I correct? I find that I’m usually off about an 1/8 of inch. For example if I cut a 1 inch hole (circle) half way through the stock on one side then flip it over and finish the hole on the other, it’s off about 1/8 of inch on the X axis… Can’t figure this out. Can’t figure it out if it’s me or software error (on my part) or machine is inaccurate? More than likely it’s me. If my method is off please enlighten me. Thanks ahead of time