MeshCAM users out there?

Anyone using this? It seems like it would be perfect as I’m already generating STL files for 3D printing.

Tony, I experimented with the demo version and while it did do what I needed it to do it was a very steep learning curve. I tried both 2d and 3d setups and the product support was excellent, let us all know how you fare with it if you decide to try it.

On a separate note I settled on V-Carve pro for my needs, and yes its more expensive but the learning curve was much easier and the manufacturer provides extensive tutorials to learn the program. An added bonus is the cost savings when purchased with the X-carve!

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I’m not a MeshCam user (yet), but I’m gonna check it out. I’m on a Mac, so my CAM options are limited, but it seems like MeshCam should do what I need.

I have already purchased the paid version of MeshCAM, in expectation of my unit showing up! :slight_smile: So far, the toolpath generation has been VERY good, I’ve done a few dozen models now for practice. Building the model in SolidWorks, then exporting the STL to MeshCAM for toolpathing.

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What will you be using after MeshCAM to send to the x-carve?

I’m going to be using Universal Gcode Sender.

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I’ll need to look into that and see if there are any, special settings needed for the x-carve…

I want to use the universal gcode sender to send Meshcam *.nc files to the x-carve. Is there any other SW required between Universal Gcode Sender and the x-carve? UGS appears to connect to the x-carve through the com port, but nothing happens when sending manual command moves or sending *.nc files to the x-carver? In the UGS log, commands are sent but none are received. Is there something missing that enables UGS to talk to the arduino?

Did you send the unlock command? $X button on the control tab should do it.