Messing Around With Christmas Ornaments

Nothing elaborate; I saw a neat article on Instructables about wax paper transfer, and decided to make a quick ornament for some friends of ours that got engaged, this year. Cheap pine, black stain and poly, 45 degree V-bit for the inscription, 1/8" endmill for the cut.


I like it!

That’s a great idea Ray. I’m going to have to try the wax paper thing.

One thing I’ve learned is a quick application or two of sanding sealer (or spray poly) before staining really helps with the grain bleed (if you have time).

Thanks for the great idea.

Yeah, my current method is to sand the substrate with 220, apply Polycrylic (2 coats) with a foam brush, let dry for at least 4 hours, then do my V-carving. It works somewhat well, though I think I get some bleed through from the raw surface where the stain goes. I need to give sanding sealer a try.