Messing around with grayscale

Not shabby for a piece of pine. I have no idea how I want to finish it


Um that is unreal


What software did you use?


I used Heightmap2stl (Thanks, @JeremySimmons I owe you a beer) to convert image to STL and V-Carve desktop to carve.


I would suggest hitting it with a coat of sanding sealer before staining since pine tends to be blotchy when finishing due to it’s grain structure.

For a test piece, carve something simple out of a sample,or two, (hey any reason to carve, eh?) of the same piece of wood if you can, that is just for destructive testing. try different finishes and see what you like.

When you hit upon the right one, you’ll know it.

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I used Heightmap2stl

That’s why I made it, so people would use it. Glad it worked for you!


That is crazy awesome!!!

How long was the cut?


How would you remove the fuzzies from a piece like this?
I like the idea of quickly rubbing off a dark stain to leave the lower bits darker.

Rough in was approximately 3hrs with a 1/4" End mill and finish was about 4hrs using a 1/4" Tapered Ball nose. I’m still using a stock spindle so I didn’t want to push it too hard.

I haven’t gotten to that part yet. I travel for work and just finished carving it before heading out for 10 days.

I actually use an old tooth brush lol


Is there a tutorial on how to make this Awesome piece??

I got my Carvey to do this kind of work… but have never been able to achieve this

Sorry there is no tutorial, just a lot of trial and error. Can tell that I used Heightmap2stl to convert the gray scale image then V-Carve Desktop to carve.

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Thanks Phil

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