Metal Engraving


Hoping someone can answer this question:

I am wondering if the Carvey machine can engrave metal, such as this (see attached picture).



Yes, it can.
Do you have a Carvey?

Hi Neil,

I don’t have one yet, I was thinking if I should buy one.



I’m pretty sure those are stamped. The Carvey could definitely handle stuff like that. I think the limit would be the fact that the Carvey, when used as intended, can be tricky with very small stock because of the “smart” clamp.

Do you think I can use double sided tape to make it stable for engraving ?

Yes, but the Carvey utilizes the “smart” clamp to determine your Z zero, the top of your stock. Basically, you’re meant to clamp the “smart” clamp on top of your material.

In general yes but it all boil down to surface area and especially some width x height (spacing)
The examples you posted are narrow => they may “tilt” slightly which will affect carve quality.

If doing a lot of those I’d make blank holders, this also provide accurate repeatability.

(Original post edited as I hadnt had enough coffee first…)

Would the Xcarve be able to handle something like this?

Easily, but the concern is holding down small work pieces.