Metal Inlay

I saw this online and thought that it might interest some here. I have yet to try it but it looks very interesting.


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Looks interesting.

Does anyone know much about this? It appears to be metal powder and CA glue.

I have seen some guys on youtube using the powder and ca and it can theoretically sand and polish but still looks a bit grainy in the end. Another interesting one was when they combine this metal powder with resin and cast solid metal objects that feel like metal.

you can use ca glue however i do my metal powder inlays with mixing the powder in stone epoxy and pouring and it comes out very very nice after sanding and clearcoating.

While beautiful, I tend to wonder how a powder/binder inlay will behave in relation to seasonal wood movement? I would hate to go through all the effort to create a design during the summer months only to have it blow itself apart when the wood shrinks in the winter.

Living in northern Minnesota, We go from one extreme to the other and back again each year and I need to keep this in mind as i build my projects. The larger the piece the more care I must take.

I just ordered some and will incorporate it into a project and will let you know how it goes!

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This is the brand i’ve used in the past and had great results…

The resin it uses is MUCH easier to sand than CA and some Epoxies. I used it in a Pen i made for a gift… turned out amazing! (imho :wink: )

In lace is a great product. Like a previousposter said, iit’s much easier to work with than ca.

I’ve used turquoise Inlace before on projects and it worked great.