Metric Precision

Hi all, I just did my first work with Easel and liked it very much.
I noticed that you can adjust values down to 0.001 inch (that’s 0.0254mm) but when I choose metric dimensions the minimum is 0.1mm, which I think is a bit too large.

Is it possible to change the precision at least to 0.01mm?

You will never get that precision out of an X-Carve. .01mm translates to .0003" The published spec say the resolution is .075 to .13mm in a well calibrated machine.

Easel is a very basic CAD/CAM program and if you are looking at better drawing and CAM precision I think you would need to move up to a different set of programs.

Fusion360, and CamBam come to mind.

If you want to invest lots more money then SolidWorks, Geomagic Design, SprutCAM9 and other high end programs come to mind.

If you happen to be a Vet you can get a seat of SolidWorks for $20.00

Hope this helps.