Metric Sleeve for the DW611

I’ve been playing with different bits, and just recently got a metric bit, 1.1mm. I thought the adapater sleeve that came with the x-carve would work with it, but the shank on the bit is 3mm, shy of 1/8" so the bit just falls right out.

So now I have to find a way to fit the bit into the router and I’m not sure how. I’ve tried searching for adapters/metric sleeves that could hopefully fit into the 611 but found nothing. Searched around here and similar problems but with larger diameters. It would be nice to have for a few drill bits too.

How do I go about this? Is it time to just look for a new collet or is the bit just unusable?

Personally, I don’t like the adapter concept.

I would get the proper collet for the bits you want to use.

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Raymond, I have the same dewalt router. I did not use an adapter/sleeve but I ordered collets from Elaire Corporation. They don’t have the 3mm listed but they will make you a custom size collet just call/email them. I ordered 4 collets from them (1 custom) and they shipped in about 5 days.

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