Microsoft 10 edge bowser

Does anyone use the Microsoft Edge browser with Esel and V-carve pro? And how does it do with the X-carve?

I’ve got the Edge browser on the laptop in my workshop. Only used it with Easel so far. I have noticed a couple really annoying things about it.

Firstly, if you want to edit a text in Easel and press backspace the browser insist on going “back” to previous page. It cares not that you are working with an input box, and calls the global Back function. Drives me up the wall that…

Secondly, on this site’s forum software Edge insists on adding capital letters to the start of words as I write. Very annoying also.

Apart from that it works fine. No problems with getting stuff done in Easel in general.

I have a cheap windows 10 laptop/tablet combo to run my xcarve… edge doesn’t work the best for it… I wrote a few post here in the forums about the issues I was having. Some of the extra functions in easel don’t work… ie dogbone, and such. they don’t show up or don’t let you change the settings. I ended up downloading chrome and havnt had any problems, that is the brouser that easel was designed for.