Microsoft 3D Program

Got a new computer recently with Windows 10 on it. It has already installed a Microsoft 3D modeling program. Anybody here ever tried it? Any good? Useful in anyway?

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is it like the ms paint of the 3d world?

I wish I could answer your question. I’ve fiddle with Paint just enough to know it’s mostly just dumb. I have zero experience with ANY 3D program. I have no interest in even playing with or learning any software that I can’t end up using.

Probably not if it’s from Microsoft. What is it called, 3D Builder? If so then it is a VERY generic 3D program. I don’t thing AutoDesk or Vectric are very worried.

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just looked it up. looks very basic. for the price (free for hobbyist) and the amount of learning material out there… look at fusion 360

autodesk learning section is awesome.

Imma give Fusion a go. Thanks for the info

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While 3D Builder might not be a powerful 3D modeler, it has a very intuitive mesh repair/fix feature. Just using that feature alone it is worth it (IMHO).

I run 4 modelers for different reasons.


each have their strengths and weaknesses. I mainly model with rhino and fusion. Maya I use for animation and framesetup for renders mostly.

point is, one size doesn’t fit all task. They are different tools. They can accomplish many of the same task, but I’ve found each to handle some task better than others. I’ll have to check out the mesh repair tool in builder. I would imagine modeling with it though would be like trying to cut wood with your teeth instead of using the table saw.

also, anyone who is interested in a sculpting program, check out sculptris. It’s basically a watered down version of zbrush but still very powerful.

Fusion is great. I am learning it and the more tutorials I see the more I like it!
I have Maya and Zbrush but they do not have the features Fusion does.
Fusion is much cheaper too. :wink:

I know exactly nothing about modeling, mesh repair, or any other aspect of CAD/CAM. For the moment Easel is serving my purpose nicely, but I can see myself wanting to do some relief carving in the future and it sounds like some of these other programs may be more suited to design work of that type. I expect my life to be one large and long learning curve for the foreseeable future.